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EASTAR is a professional glass product manufacturer with more than ten years of experience of production. According to customer requirements, we provide glass bottles in a variety of colors, including clear, green, brown, blue, black, and more.

We are also able to print logos on the bottle surface, as well as carry out other surface treatment processes, including silk-screen printing, coloring, sand blasting, engraving and more. For more customization options, please do not hesitate to contact us, and feel free to browse previous bottles we’ve produced.

    1. Clear Glass Bottles
    2. Clear Glass Bottles A good glass bottle attracts customer attention, so a beverage merchant must pay attention to the bottle packaging design. Read More
    1. Green Glass Bottles
    2. Green Glass Bottles We produce bordeaux bottles, burgundy bottles, champagne bottle and other glass bottle types, all of which are SGS certified... Read More
    1. Brown Glass Bottles
    2. Brown Glass Bottles Brown glass bottles are commonly used as containers for black beer and burgundy wine, and backed by more than 10 years of experience Read More
    1. Blue Glass Bottles 
    2. Blue Glass Bottles  Our blue glass bottle is available in light blue, dark blue, and more. It features a graceful appearance, which gives the bottles an exceptional decorative effect. Read More
    1. Black Glass Bottles
    2. Black Glass Bottles Backed by more than 10 years of production experience, we offer bottles and jars for a vast array of contents, including alcohol, skin care products, cosmetics, juice ... Read More
    1. Opal Glass Bottles & Jars
    2. Opal Glass Bottles Like the violet black glass bottle, the opal glass bottle is another one of our high-grade glass bottles. The texture of this kind of glass bottle is similar to white jade ... Read More