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No matter how perfect product quality is, the first thing a customer will see is the packaging, which is why an expertly designed glass bottle will attach customer attention, and bring added value to your liquids.

EASTAR produces a variety of glass bottles in an array of capacities, including 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml and more.

We have produced glass products for more than 10 years, and offer glass bottle customization and design services for our clients. Simply share your ideas with us, and our professional design team will create an exceptional design that meets your needs.

    1. Glass Bottles 250ml or Smaller
    2. Glass Bottles 250ml or Smaller Glass products with small capacity are usually used for holding cosmetics, perfume, seasonings, and more. Because glass is extremely stable, it will not react with the contents inside Read More
    1. Glass Bottles 330ml
    2. Glass Bottles 330ml EASTAR is a professional glass product manufacturer with our own design team. This allows us to design glass products to match customer blueprints and samples, and shown here are a few 330mL Read More
    1. Glass Bottles 500ml
    2. Glass Bottles 500ml 500ml glass products are the most common glass containers, and are often used as beer glasses, red wine bottles, glasses and more. With more than 10 years of production experience ... Read More
    1. Glass Bottles 750ml
    2. Glass Bottles 750ml The most common application of 750 glass bottles is the production of Bordeaux wine bottles, champagne bottles, whiskey bottles and more. We produce a variety of color bottles, including clear, green, blue and more. Read More
    1. Glass Bottles Over 1000ml
    2. Glass Bottles Over 1000ml In order to ensure the quality of the glass we produce, all raw materials used by us have passed strict inspection through a precise batching process. We also use professional production equipment to ensure all glass produced ... Read More