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As an experienced glass bottle manufacturer, we supply all kinds of wine bottles, wine glasses, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles and other glass products for customers in the wine industry, beverage industry and cosmetic industry. These glass products are made from high-quality raw materials and are processed using certified industrial processes for outstanding performance and appearance.

EASTAR can provide classical packaging solutions for all kinds of alcoholic beverage products, including vodka, tequila, whisky, beer and so on. Meanwhile we can produce wine bottles in all shapes and colors to meet your different needs.
Our family of glass cosmetic bottles comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The most common glass cosmetic bottles are glass perfume bottles, glass lotion bottles, glass cosmetic jars, glass essential oil bottles and glass nail oil bottles.
Glass bottles are more environmentally friendly compared to metal and plastic materials, and because they do not react chemically or otherwise to any content poured inside, they are used to hold just about any beverage, including milk, coffee, carbonated liquids, and more.

Our annual output of glass products is over 100,000 tons, with capacity ranging from 5ml to 10L, and we even also make larger glass bottles. You can choose directly from our product list, or you can tell us your requirements. After more than ten years of development, we have gathered a professional design team who can complete tasks according to customer needs to customize glass products. If you need glass products, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with high quality glass bottles at a favorable price.