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Glass bottles are more environmentally friendly compared to metal and plastic materials, and because they do not react chemically or otherwise to any content poured inside, they are used to hold just about any beverage, including milk, coffee, carbonated liquids, and more.

    1. Coffee Jars
    2. Coffee Jars Because the coffee jars are easy to seal, clean, and reuse, they are often used to store ground coffee beans. These bottles feature a capacity range of 50 to 200g, though we can also produce customized capacities upon customer requests. Read More
    1. Glass Milk Bottle
    2. Glass Milk Bottle Glass milk bottles are not usually very large, and most often, a 100 to 1,000mL bottle will meet your needs. We offer conventionally clear glass, or colored glass bottles. Simply share your needs with us, and we will carry out production ... Read More
    1. Glass Drink Bottle
    2. Glass Drink Bottle Drink bottles made of glass that is safe, hygienic and has an excellent corrosion resistance. They can be used under high temperature sterilization and low temperature storage, and we are able to customize 100 to 1,000mL ... Read More
    1. Beverage Cup
    2. Beverage Cup Eastar offers a variety of customization services for beverage cups, which has earned us significant praise from customers around the world. Read More
    1. Ice Cream Bowl
    2. Ice Cream Bowl An ice cream bowl usually features a flat bottom with a foot attached, and here at Eastar, we manufacture a variety of ice cream bowls to meet customer needs. Read More