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EASTAR can provide classical packaging solutions for all kinds of alcoholic beverage products, including vodka, tequila, whisky, beer and so on. Meanwhile we can produce wine bottles in all shapes and colors to meet your different needs.

You can choose products directly from our product list, and if you need glass bottles with special shapes or capacities, please feel free to tell us or send the sample directly to us, then we will customize your glass bottles.

Our glass products have all passed SGS certification.

Because of our strict control over product quality, our glass products have earned a well-deserved reputation among customers.

    1. Red Wine Bottle
    2. Red Wine Bottle Wine is easily oxidized by light; therefore, wine bottles are typically dark green to preserve the quality of the contents. Of course, these bottles can also be manufactured in different colors such as light green, brown, and blue. Read More
    1. Spirit Bottle
    2. Spirit Bottle Spirit bottles typically do not have the same level of specificity as that of wine bottles. Vodkas, rums, whiskies, and other sprits can be bottled in relatively any shape and size container. Liquor bottles are most often transparent ... Read More
    1. Beer Glass Bottle
    2. Beer Glass Bottle Beer glass bottles are typically colored, and we provide green glass bottles, brown glass bottles, blue glass bottles, and so on. Colored glass protects the beer from light, which can affect the taste of the contents. Read More
    1. Decanters
    2. Decanters Decanting is the practice of pouring wine into a decanter after it has been opened. After a period of contact with oxygen in the air, the decanted wine will have a more pleasant aroma and taste. Read More