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Looking for Beverage/Food Packaging Products By Shape

With more than 10 years of glass processing experience, EASTAR can provide customers with high-quality glass bottles, glass jars, glass mugs, glass cups, and many other glass products. We maintain cooperative relationships with several mold producers, meaning we can quickly provide you with glass products in whatever shape you need. Simply provide us with your requirements and we will get to work right away.

    1. Glass Bottles
    2. Glass Bottles These glass bottles offer good transparency and corrosion resistance, making them excellent choices for wine bottles, soft-drink bottles, cosmetics bottles, seasoning bottles ... Read More
    1. Glass Jars
    2. Glass Jars Our company can customize multiple shapes of glass storage jars according to customer specifications and the capacity of the jars range from 20ml to 2L. Glass jars are typically produced ... Read More
    1. Glass Mugs
    2. Glass MugsEASTAR offers glass mugs designed with all kinds of shapes and capacities. Therefore, we are sure to have what you are looking for. We have mugs of various specifications for you to choose from ... Read More
    1. Glass Cups
    2. Glass Cups We can produce glass cups of all sizes, wall thickness, shapes and dimensions. Our glass cups are crystal clear, smooth, non-slip, and are high temperature resistant. Read More
    1. Glass Storage Containers
    2. Glass Storage Containers We can customize the glass storage containers with a capacity of up to 20L. In general, glass storage containers are usually transparent. Of course, we can process them ... Read More
    1. Other Glass Products
    2. Other Glass Products In addition to an extensive selection of common glass products, we also offer glass carboys and jugs, glass shisha, hand blown glass, and other glass products. Read More

With significant experience in glass processing, we can deliver completely customized high-quality glass bottles according to your requirements. Our glass bottles deliver excellent heat resistance, pressure resistance, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance. We have produced glass bottles for wine, beer, soft-drinks, ketchup, caviar, and many other products due to our glass’s stable chemical properties. If you are looking for high quality glass bottles, feel free to contact us.